Guided by Values, Driven by Purpose

By combining the innovative factory automation technologies, we are enabling the production of the future. As a global group we are industry-specific and customer centric. With our digital services and products we are able to provide additional value and address new business models and markets. 

The HAHN Automation Group is a space for people who can bring their ideas, contribute and realize themselves, united in the endeavor to create a positive and sustainable working environment.

These Values Unite Us

As HAHN team members, we have internalized these values and carry them forward as ambassadors. Whether towards customers, business partners or in private: We are always aware of the responsibility that we have as part of the HAHN Automation Group to represent our company network. With our actions, we live and strengthen the values of the HAHN Automation Group.

We are kind.

Respectful interaction with all individuals is our underlying principle. We are open-minded and value different perspectives. With our colleagues and business partners, we support, inspire, and learn from each other to grow together.

We are solution-driven.

We provide highly customized solutions and services. Our success factors are proven processes, innovativeness, problem-solving approach, competency, and global reach. We are able to adapt to changing environments without losing our strategic focus. We embrace innovation—technically, digitally, and in the way we work—and strive to be one step ahead to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are accountable.

Trust is at the center of each partnership as we aim to build solutions together. We provide our colleagues and business partners with reliable and efficient support to meet our respective goals. We are responsible and accountable in every decision we make and every action we take.

We are sustainable.

We embed economic, social, and environmental considerations into the core of our operations. We focus on creating enduring value and success to be a stable partner for our stakeholders and our employees, offering opportunities to develop in a diverse organization. We concentrate on long-term success by using the best solutions to save resources and ensure a livable future for generations to come. 

Quality & Environmental Management

We regularly review and refine our processes to drive ongoing improvement and development.


Quality Management

As a manufacturer of factory automation, we have a special responsibility for the quality of our processes and products.
To meet customer requirements and live up to our own standards, we ensure continuous optimization of our quality management.





Environmental Management

At the HAHN Automation Group, we prioritize environmental protection as integral to our business endeavors.
We implement diverse measures to minimize our environmental footprint.
As evidence of our commitment, the HAHN Automation Group  (Rheinböllen site) is certified under the international management standard EN ISO 14001:2015, reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility.



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

As a modern company, we understand the impact of our activities on the environment and the responsibility that comes with it. For us, sustainability is a strategic topic that enables innovation and positive development of the HAHN Automation Group. We take a comprehensive view of sustainability and include economic, ecological, and social factors. Our sustainability concept therefore covers the following aspects.

Environmental Accountability


  • CO2 Reduction: We have set goals to reduce our Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions and to reach carbon neutrality in the medium term. 
  • Renewable Energy: We strive to continuously increase the share of renewable energy, either through procurement of renewable energy or through power generation with PV systems at our locations.
    Our goal is to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Waste Reduction: We aim to minimize the amount of waste generated in our operations. Across our locations, we act in line with the respective waste regulations and aim to use recycling options wherever possible. 
  • Circular Economy: We see the circular economy as a strategic opportunity for the factory automation industry. We are investing in research & development projects to develop solutions together with research institutions,
    e.g. for the automated dismantling of electric vehicle batteries.

Social Sustainability


  • Diversity: With locations in 9 countries and employees from many different cultures, diversity is of high importance to HAHN Automation Group. We promote diversity within our organization independent of skin color, ethnic origin, gender, age, nationality, social origin, disability and sexual orientation as well as religious affiliation or ideology. As some minorities continue to be underrepresented in manufacturing, the HAHN Automation Group strives to set all interested employees on a path to management or leadership.
  • Employee Development: Employee development is an important topic at HAHN Automation Group. We develop employees through training programs of our own HAHN Academy and offer internal development opportunities. 
  • Student Experience: Qualified and dedicated employees form the basis of our success. Thus, we invest in the training of our junior employees to equip them with the best knowledge & skills possible. Our aim is that 10% of our global workforce constitutes of people in training (apprentices, students, trainees, interns, co-ops).
  • Employee Well-being: Employee well-being is important to us as it builds the basis for good performance at the workplace. We offer company health and sport programs at most of our global locations to support this. A safe and healthy work environment is also ensured at all HAHN Automation Group locations.


Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and internal guidelines is paramount at the HAHN Automation Group. We've implemented a robust Compliance Management System equipped with tools and measures to address compliance risks effectively.
Our Code of Conduct serves as a dependable framework for the ongoing success of our business activities and fosters a positive work environment essential to our achievements.
It articulates the core principles embraced by the HAHN Automation Group's management and staff, as well as outlines the statutory regulations governing our internal and external operations to uphold compliance across the company.


Code of Conduct

Whistleblower System

Protecting our company, employees, and business partners hinges on upholding rules and standards. We encourage all individuals to report any misconduct or potential non-compliance that could impact our company or people's well-being.
This encompasses behaviors contrary to our Code of Conduct.

Our Whistleblower System facilitates this process, enabling us to maintain our values, standards, and company reputation.
Report concerns anonymously and confidentially at



The HAHN Automation Group is a system integrator depending to a large extent on the performance of its suppliers. Our suppliers are key partners for us in realizing our company strategy and achieving customer satisfaction. As an internationally active group of companies, ecologically and socially responsible corporate governance is particularly important to the HAHN Automation Group and we are looking for partners who share our ambitions.


  • Integrity and Transparency: We prioritize integrity and transparency in all our business dealings.
    Our suppliers are expected to uphold ethical standards and comply with laws.
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility: We are committed to sustainable practices.
    Our suppliers collaborate to ensure eco-friendly and socially responsible materials and processes.
  • Collaboration and Development: Strong partnerships are essential for success.
    We exchange knowledge and support supplier development for innovative solutions.
  • Risk Management: We manage risks effectively to maintain supply chain resilience.
    Collaborating closely, we identify and mitigate potential risks.
  • Fair Business Practices: We ensure fair treatment of all stakeholders,
    promoting equality and non-discrimination.


Besides high expectations regarding fair prices, high quality, punctual delivery and compliance with legal regulations and laws, we also expect our partners to meet expectations of our Supplier Code of Conduct and to take measures to fulfil them.


Supplier Code of Conduct