Feasibility. Flexibility. Focus. Our Approach to Custom Solutions and Versatile Assembly Platforms.

We understand that automation is never a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s because the HAHN Automation Group was founded by engineers who have experienced the same schedule, budget, and regulatory pressures you do. So we work within your constraints to transform your vision into reality.

Automated, semi-automated, or full production line—we ask the right questions to design and build a system that supports your production goals, environment, and staff. 



Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Industries


With a diverse range of assembly platforms, we enable the creation of customized solutions within standard, proven frameworks. 


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We break down the complexity of building precision parts into repeatable, error-proof processes for your operators and production requirements. 


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Specializing in applications with small components and intricate assemblies, we work in sync with your process to determine the best level of automation to meet your unique assembly needs.


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Mechanical Assembly Systems 

  • Crimping
  • Force/distance monitoring
  • Pressing
  • Staking
  • Torque/angle profiling

Laser Processing

  • Ablation
  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Laser plastic welding

Precision Joining 

  • Adhesive dispensing
  • Automated soldering
  • Heat staking
  • Resistance welding
  • Riveting
  • Spot welding

Process Development 

  • Feasibility and proof-of-concept
  • Prototype tooling
  • Standard MasterCell, LEAN, and APTUS technology
  • Custom manual, semi-automated, fully-automated equipment capabilities

Controls Engineering and Software Programming 

  • Standard PLC software 
  • Visualization/Master PLC control
  • Easy to navigate HMI
  • Custom LabVIEW integration
  • Option to connect from mobile
  • Remote systems and support


Explore Our Standard Solutions for Automotive and MedTech

While most of our equipment is completely custom, the HAHN Automation Group offers a line of standard, modular framework as well.

MasterCell. 100% Flexibility, 100% Tailored to Your Needs.

In today's manufacturing landscape with rapid product launches and shorter life cycles, flexibility is paramount. The HAHN Automation Group addresses these challenges with the modular assembly solution, MasterCell. Its modules facilitate swift relocation and recommissioning, ensuring agility in evolving production demands. Solid base frames, plug-in installations, and the ability to meet logistic requirements enable global rollouts and relocations.

Featuring a consistent grid dimension design, our engineering efforts focus on optimizing processes. From robotic integration to manual loading and interfacing with transfer technology, this modular assembly solution offers adaptability. MasterCell is designed as a specific process cell or used as a cleanroom-compatible MasterCell version. 

LEAN. The Intelligent Solution for Efficient Production.

The LEAN concept of the HAHN Automation Group guarantees customers a smooth production without downtimes. Available in three standardized grid structures, it optimizes utilization of the available production space. LEAN systems can be flexibly combined and interlinked to enable an optimized production flow. Integrated inspection at each station helps ensure only accepted parts pass through the entire production process.

APTUS. Precision and Adaptability for Linear Assembly Processes.

Derived from the Latin term for “precisely adapted, suitable,” APTUS is a modular assembly system designed for both semi-automated and fully-automated production solutions. It seamlessly integrates automated and manual process sequences.

Despite its standardized framework, the APTUS system is a concept that tailors to meet each customer's unique requirements, ensuring an optimized production process. This customized approach guarantees each customer receives the precise technical equipment needed for their product, maximizing efficiency.

SmartSolutions: Industrial Process Automation Meets Easy Operation

Production Made Easy

The SmartSolutions product portfolio offers manufacturers a way to automate processes efficiently. The HAHN Automation Group's industrial machining systems map several processes with user-friendly interfaces at every level.

With the innovative SIA software (Smart Intuitive Automation), users can effortlessly set up and operate the system using a tablet with intuitive symbols and graphics. The user interface is modeled after layouts similar to smartphones, keeping the entry barrier low.

Through live monitoring of the set-up process, using the integrated camera, processing points can be defined very precisely–without time-consuming programming. SmartSolutions are therefore particularly easy to use, while at the same time offering a high level of precision. Intelligent menu navigation guides operators through each step of the setup process, while graphic elements simplify operation and make the user interface well-structured and easy to understand.

The SmartSolutions DISPENSE is capable of both pulse and spray dispensing of a wide variety of media at a frequency of up to 60 Hz. Dispensing points or pathways can be easily created from the HMI.

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With up to 17 kN, the SmartSolutions PRESS enables the pressing or joining of various article components. A force-displacement monitoring system that ensures high process accuracy with optimum results.

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The SmartSolutions TORQUE is able to fasten all conceivable article components with up to 12 Nm. An integrated torque and angle monitoring guarantees highest precision.

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The SmartSolutions PLASMA is ideal for any form of plasma activation and cleaning due to the integrated Openair-Plasma® nozzle. The X, Y, Z system allows all thinkable contours and process sequences for plasma treatment to be taught and run.

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