Enhancing Operational Technology

HAHN Automation Group is the expert for digitalization in manufacturing companies. Integrated, smart-solutions help our customers work efficiently and become more flexible. And the combined use of automation, robotics, digitalization, and in-depth data analysis help them master the challenges of modern production in a Smart Factory. Combining the HAHN Automation Group's years of expertise with agility and a goal-oriented mindset allow us to continuously optimize solutions and tailor them to customer needs--offering a long-term partnership and focus on a service-oriented approach to digital change. 

Our digital solutions provide one-stop services for customers: from analytics and conception through selecting solutions and offers to implementing them–companies receive support at every step of their digital transformation.

Modular Innovative Solutions

With our digital solutions, we provide a portfolio of innovative solutions that put the digital transformation of tomorrow’s Smart Factory into practice.

HAHN Vision

With the HAHN Vision product line, we offer a solution for the challenges posed by every camera-based vision application. The advanced Machine Vision Framework represents an unprecedented PC-based, no-code framework, which revolutionize the way machine vision applications can be realized. 


The advantages of HAHN Vision

  • Simple and efficient user interface
  • Flexibility in the choice of camera and analysis software
  • Scalability according to operational requirements


No-Code System with familiar end-user interface

Our intuitive no-code system offers operators a simple and efficient user interface and enables seamless navigation. The drag-and-drop function simplifies workflows and eliminates the need for complex programming. This saves valuable time and resources.



The camera and evaluation software can be freely selected and smoothly integrated with HAHN Vision. Our experienced team of developers is on hand to help you find a customized solution.



As a scalable and adaptable system, HAHN Vision grows with the given operational requirements.

HAHN Analytics

Upon the integration of HAHN Analytics into their processes, users can noticeably increase their output regarding the most important factors: Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, and Flexibility. With HAHN Analytics, customers receive a monitoring solution for their production facilities–via PC, smartphone, or tablet–and can enhance the output of their equipment with real-time responses.


The advantages of HAHN Analytics:

  • Reduction of downtime for machinery and equipment via predictive maintenance
  • Fast responses based on targeted real-time notifications and site-independent status updates
  • Efficient monitoring of production facilities and processes
  • High data security with encrypted communication


Data analysis enables predictive analytics

HAHN Analytics performs an automatic data analysis regarding the interdependencies and deviations from the optimal settings. The resulting findings are helpful for diagnostics and error prediction and ensure the constant increase in the output of the equipment via predictive analytics.


Dashboards for better monitoring of production facilities

Flexible dashboards, which provide cross-location and cross-platform visualization, can be created easily and for users with various access rights. This way, the performance-based overview of the connected equipment and production facilities is in line with the demands. Employees receive notifications based on big data and error reports relevant to their area of responsibility.


High data security through on-premise solutions

HAHN Analytics offers companies a high level of data security. HAHN Analytics' communication with the equipment is encrypted and takes place on-premise if required. 

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