Trust is Good; Testing is Better: Elevate Your Manufacturing Solutions

Global developments and innovations are increasingly demanding standardized and intelligent manufacturing solutions that incorporate testing throughout the assembly process. From end-of-line testing to force simulation to electrical testing and more, we develop flexible testing systems to improve productivity while increasing product acceptance. Ensure your products will withstand field conditions by thoroughly testing them before they reach your customers.

Whether you require turnkey, standalone solutions or integrated systems, ensure greater confidence in your parts with sophisticated, automated test processes. 



Devising Better Outcomes for Complex Industries


Our test systems don’t just embrace the latest technology, they prioritize efficiency. With real-time test processes and integrated user interfaces, our testing solutions cover a wide range of components and systems, ensuring performance and reliability in critical applications. 


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We understand the pressure associated with the high speed, high volume environment of electronics assembly. Our test solutions help ensure error-proof process that lead to faster turnaround at higher quality. 


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When it comes to medical devices, health, safety, and legal risk ride on the performance of every part. Our solutions help support rigorous validation and inspection requirements, improve quality, and ensure operator accuracy throughout the manufacturing process.


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Explore Our Key Technologies

Error Proofing 

  • Force profiling
  • Torque profiling
  • Assembly verification

Machine Vision Systems 

  • Identification  
  • Part detection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Orientation verification

End-of-Line Testing 

  • Functional testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Leak testing
  • Battery testing

In-line Testing

  • Assembly verification
  • Force simulation
  • Validation  

Marking and Traceability

  • Custom integration of test and marking equipment
  • Individual marking systems for DMC, center mark, and more
  • Part ID and traceability


Controls Engineering and Software Programming 

  • Standard PLC software 
  • Visualization/Master PLC control
  • Easy to navigate HMI
  • Custom LabView integration
  • Option to connect from mobile
  • Remote systems and support


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