Streamlining Production With Advanced Material Handling Solutions

At HAHN Automation Group, we understand the impact that seamless material handling has in maximizing productivity. That's why we offer material handling automation solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology to move components precisely when and where you need them. By integrating robotics and other advanced technologies into your facility, production line, or system, we provide material handling solutions that are efficient, safe, and ergonomic.

Whether you require high-speed automation with a large number of cavities or lower volume, complex applications with high-precision handling, we have the solutions to meet your needs.



Devising Better Outcomes for Complex Industries



When manufacturing and assembling automotive components, attention to detail is required at every step of the process. Our systems enhance throughput and prevent defective parts from moving downstream.


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Seamless material handling in electronics assembly can shrink costs and scrap, reduce field rejects, and reinforce operator ergonomics and safety.

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When it comes to MedTech manufacturing, patient safety—and brand reputation—depend on flawless assembly and material handling. 

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Explore Our Key Technologies

Feeding Systems

  • Customized feeding systems from small parts up to pre-assembled modules 
  • Vibration/step feeding solutions
  • Fast and flexible equipment integration

Contact Feeding

  • Belt feeding over terminal reels
  • Flexible linear contact feeding
  • Integration of bending/separation processes 
  • Precise contact supply, groups or single parts

End-of-Arm Tooling

  • Standard or customized grippers 
  • Gripper construction kit
  • Customized gripper systems

Injection Mold Machine (IMM) Processes

  • Fast removal systems with very short mold intrusion times
  • Side entry and top entry systems
  • Single and tandem linear robot solutions
  • Six axis robot solutions on top or side of IMM

In-Mold Labeling

  • High flexibility within product types
  • Handling for large quantity of products
  • Stable processing and high performance


Testing and Marking

  • Custom integration of test and marking equipment
  • Assembly verification, force simulation, functional testing, electrical testing, leak testing, and validation
  • Individual marking systems DMC, center mark, and more

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  • Solutions for the packaging of articles according to customer-specific requirements 
  • Handling and packaging 
  • Pallets, trays, tubes, boxes
  • Packed in bulk or in an organized packaging

VarioTIP® System

  • Patented system for laboratory consumables such as pipette tips or other medical plastic injection molded parts
  • High productivity with peak cycle times of 3.8 seconds and up to 128 cavities
  • Complete cavity sorting and end-to-end traceability
  • High flexibility through modular design

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