Apprentices Shine at the Regio-Cup of WorldSkills Germany

The HAHN Automation Group proudly hosted the WorldSkills Germany Regio-Cup for the fourth time at its Rheinböllen site. Over two exciting days, June 12 and 13, twelve talented apprentices showcased their skills in the “Industrial Mechanics | Mechatronics” competition. The event concluded with Aris Jansen from Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH and Marvin Köhler from Thomas Magnete GmbH emerging as winners.


Apprentices Show Their Skills

This year's competition saw participation from trainees representing Polymer-Holding, KNIPEX, Thomas Magnete, Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen, and the HAHN Automation Group. With all twelve slots filled, the competition was a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of these budding professionals. They tackled a series of challenging tasks, demonstrating their ability to perform under pressure.

Despite facing tough competition, Aris Jansen and Marvin Köhler stood out. Aris, who completed a logo programming task in just 10 minutes, reflected on his experience: “I hadn't done much programming before, but I think I did well”, he said modestly. “My trainer asked me if I would like to take part in the Regio-Cup. To be honest, I hadn't heard of competitions specifically for industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers, but I was immediately interested.”


Commitment to Promoting Young Talent

“We are thrilled to have had a full roster of participants this year”, said Stephan Boos, a trainer at the HAHN Automation Group and one of the main organizers. “In a time when skilled workers are in short supply, competitions like the Regio-Cup offer a unique and exciting way to attract young people to vocational and dual training programs.”

The Regio-Cup is currently the only regional competition in Germany for aspiring industrial mechanics and mechatronics engineers. However, the representatives of BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH from the Upper Palatinate, who had traveled to the event, would like to see more such competitions in the future and would like to examine the extent to which they could be implemented locally. They believe that these events can significantly increase interest in apprenticeships by providing an additional incentive for young people to get involved.


Award Ceremony and Recognition

The award ceremony was a highlight, with Hubert Romer, Managing Director of WorldSkills Germany, Michael Linn, Skill Competition Manager WorldSkills International, and Jörg Kilb, COO of the HAHN Automation Group, presenting the awards. They congratulated the participants on their outstanding achievements and praised their dedication and hard work.


Insights from the Apprentices

Three apprentices from the HAHN Automation Group Rheinböllen participated in this year's competition: Markus Kartavin, a prospective cutting machine operator; Elias Ritt, an apprentice electronics technician for industrial engineering; and Marc Amling, a prospective mechatronics technician.

Markus aimed to discover new strengths and weaknesses. “I wanted to see how I perform under time and performance pressure”, he explained. “I believe my strengths lie in tasks requiring dexterity and machine operation.”

Elias Ritt entered the competition driven by curiosity and ambition. “I wanted to see what the competition was about and challenge myself”, he said. “I think I excel at organizing tasks under time constraints without panicking.”

For Marc Amling, the competition was a step toward his future goals. “The Regio-Cup is excellent preparation for the final exam and an incentive to push myself further”, he noted.

Visit training opportunities at the HAHN Automation Group for more information about apprenticeships. 


Happy winners and their supporters – the Regio Cup is backed by a large team of trainers, experts and technical support.

The clock runs down inexorably on all tasks. Despite this, the participants managed to maintain the necessary calm and concentration.

Concentrated work and a steady hand – Aris Jansen, the eventual winner among the mechatronics engineers, is pictured front right.